A multiblock PLS-based algorithm applied to a causal model in marketing


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A modern approach to logistics allows it to be understood and used for its capacity to generate value, because value is managerially important as a strategic objective for any firm. In the present work a particular view of this approach is offered by providing a structural model where logistics service quality and sacrifices contribute to the formation of logistics value, but where service quality is also an important determinant of satisfaction. This combined approach, tested with multiblock partial least-sqaures path modelling, in the particular setting of a business-to-business encounter, provides empirical support for a chain of effects between service quality–logistics value–satisfaction–loyalty without underestimating the important effect of service quality on satisfaction and satisfaction on loyalty in industrial settings. This proposed conceptual model of the relationship between customer loyalty and the various contributing factors to that loyalty is the main contribution in this paper. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.