INSAR is the major professional, scientific organization devoted to advancing knowledge about autism spectrum disorders. We offer the following benefits to members:

  • 1)
    Organization of the annual International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR). Members of INSAR do not pay for submitting abstracts and receive a reduced registration fee
  • 2)
    Free online access to our flagship journal: Autism Research
  • 3)
    Access to members only sections of the INSAR website
  • 4)
    Job postings on the website
  • 5)
    Ability to vote in elections and participate in committee activities

We are looking forward to INFAR 2012 — by now the program committee has made significant progress creating an exciting set of keynotes and symposia. Abstracts are under review and our newly constituted Awards Committee, under the leadership of Jamie McPartland (Yale Child Study Center) will be taking responsibility for reviewing applications for travel and related awards. We are strongly committed to providing as much support as possible to enable students from near and far to attend our annual meeting. INSAR is also committed to supporting international participation at the conference, and in our organization. As out new website goes live, we plan to expand the content to cover opportunities and news from around the world.

Your membership in INSAR provides you with our journal, Autism Research. Please encourage your colleagues to join INSAR, which is easily done through the website ( Remember, we offer discounts for students. Membership is based on a calendar year (January-December); joining now will mean an extra month of membership benefits, including lower registration fees for IMFAR 2012.

If you are interested in getting involved in our committees please drop me a line (


Helen Tager-Flusberg

INSAR, President