2010 has been another year of interesting developments for BioEssays; in fact, it was the second year of our gradual re-launch. A critical part of that re-launch was consultation with our Editorial Board members in numerous aspects of BioEssays' content, rubrics, structure and appeal. We also have the benefit of two highly productive Editorial Board meetings behind us, and so it is high time that we formally and publicly recognise the superb, and generously given, input that the scientists named below have given us, not only in the development of the journal, but also in every-day crucial aspects of our work such as reviewing and helping commission manuscripts.

inline imageGraham E. Budd

inline imagePiero Carninci

inline imageKathy Cheah

inline imageVictor de Lorenzo

inline imageRob De Salle

inline imageSui Huang

inline imageMark Isalan

inline imageEric B. Kmiec

inline imageJ. Lawrence Marsh

inline imageWilliam Martin

inline imageJohn Mattick

inline imageAthanasios G. Papavassiliou

inline imageMarilyn B. Renfree

inline imageSuzanne Rutherford

inline imageRalf. J. Sommer

inline imageRotem Sorek

inline imageMark Stoneking

inline imageDavid Thomas

inline imageAndreas Wagner

inline imageIgor Zhimulev

We in Editorial thank you very much, and look forward to another enjoyable year working with you!

inline imageinline imageAndrew Moore



inline imageinline imageKerstin Brachhold

Assistant Editor


inline imageinline imageCarol Bacchus

Publishing Director, Life Sciences