• neuronal cell death;
  • neuronal cell survival;
  • p75NTR;
  • sortilin;
  • Trk receptors


The common neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR) regulates various functions in the developing and adult nervous system. Cell survival, cell death, axonal and growth cone retraction, and regulation of the cell cycle can be regulated by p75NTR-mediated signals following activation by either mature or pro-neurotrophins and in combination with various co-receptors, including Trk receptors and sortilin. Here, we review the known functions of p75NTR by cell type, receptor-ligand combination, and whether regulated intra-membrane proteolysis of p75NTR is required for signalling. We highlight that the generation of the intracellular domain fragment of p75NTR is associated with many of the receptor functions, regardless of its ligand and co-receptor interactions.