How consistent are expression chip platforms?


  • Phalanx, a new entrant based in Taiwan, is offering whole-genome arrays for 100 US$. This may signal the onset of a price war…


DNA arrays are now widely used in academia and industry, and expression profiling is recognised as a major tool for basic research as well as for drug development. It is also likely, in the near future, that DNA arrays will be used in clinical laboratories for diagnostic and prognostic purposes. Since several types of arrays are being used, the coherence of results obtained using these diverse platforms becomes an important issue: to what extent can data obtained in different laboratories and with different equipment be combined? Several recent papers address this issue and demonstrate that the expected agreement is not necessarily found. Consistent results can be obtained, but this requires careful identification of the genes assessed by the arrays, and scrupulous adherence to strict experimental procedures. BioEssays 26:1236–1242, 2004. © 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.