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Table S1. Examples of known eukaryotic HT cases and proposed vectors, extended from Supplemental Table 1 [7] to include the most recent cases. The table is categorised by TE type, name, minimum number of HT events recorded, organisms involved, HT criteria met, vectors (where plausible vectors have been proposed; cases without proposed vectors are marked with ‘–’) and references. Cases where the organisms are marked with * indicate cross-phyla HT. The abbreviations for HT criteria follow Schaack et al. [7] and Loreto et al. [54]: ss, sequence similarity; Ks, comparison between the number of synonymous mutations observed at orthologous genes and the number of synonymous mutations observed in TEs; dN/dS, test for purifying selection; phyl, phylogeny of the TE incongruent with the phylogeny of the host; pd, patchy taxonomic distribution of the TE.

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