Estimation of Heritability in Heteroscedastic One-Way Unbalanced Random Model



A modified estimator of heritability is proposed under heteroscedastic one way unbalanced random model. The distribution, moments and probability of permissible values (PPV) for conventional and modified estimators are derived. The behaviour of two estimators has been investigated, numerically, to devise a suitable estimator of heritability under variance heterogeneity. The numerical results reveal that under balanced case the heteroscedasticity affects the bias, MSE and PPV of conventional estimator, marginally. In case of unbalanced situations, the conventional estimator underestimates the parameter when more variable group has more observations and overestimates when more variable group has less observations, MSE of the conventional estimator decreases when more variable group has more observations and increases when more variable group has less observations and PPV is marginally decreased. The MSE and PPV are comparable for two estimators while the bias of modified estimator is less than the conventional estimator particularly for small and medium values of the parameter. These results suggest the use of modified estimator with equal or more observations for more variable group in presence of variance heterogeneity.