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Table S1 Simulation results on censoring time following a proportional odds model; the data were simulated from the modified logistic or Gompertz base with a proportional subdistribution hazard transformation (LOG+PSH and GOM+PSH) or with a generalized odds-rate transformation (LOG + GOR and GOM + GOR); referring to Table 1 for the definition of AVE, MSE, ESE, and Cov.

Table S2 Simulation results where the data were simulated from our proposed modified logistic (panel LOG + PSH) or Gompertz model (panel GOM + PSH) with complimentary log–log transformation or with generalized odds-rate transformation (panels LOG + GOR and GOM + GOR) with sample size n=500 and 40% censoring rate, where AVE is the average of the estimates, MSE is the average of the model-based standard errors, ESE is the empirical standard error, and Cov is the coverage rates of the 95% Wald confidence intervals.

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