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Analytical problems with the determination of coenzyme Q10 in biological samples



The article discusses analytical problems related to the determination of coenzyme Q10 in biological samples. The assaying of coenzyme Q10 in complex samples, such as plasma, tissues, or food items requires meticulous sample preparation prior to final quantification. The process typically consists of the following steps: deproteinization, extraction, and ultimately reduction of extract volumes. At times drying under a gentle stream of neutral gas is applied. In the case of solid samples, a careful homogenization is also required. Each step of the sample preparation process can be a source of analytical errors that may lead to inaccurate results. The main aim of this work is to point to sources of analytical errors in the preparation process and their relation to physicochemical properties of coenzyme Q10. The article also discusses ways of avoiding and reducing the errors. © 2012 BioFactors, 2013

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