Biotec Visions 2010, January–February


News: Plastics from E. coli – Looking again (carefully) at thalidomide – Don't kiss the chimps – Imaging microbial interactions – Probiotics prevent intestinal diseases – Drug resistance in cancer stem cell populations – Triple tag technique turns up tight and loose complexes – It pays to have an immune mother – DNA hybridization mechanisms – Chip-based breast tissue analysis – Nutrient support for engineered tissue – Nano-spheres support axon recovery – Bop-a-hepcidin

Environmental News: Blueprint for molecular basis of global warming – Environmental biosensors – Predicting the fate of underground carbon

Journal Highlights: Focus on Biochips – Neglected tropical diseases – New online portal

Opinion: Outwitting evolution: We should pay as much for strategy as technology

Most Read

Industry News: Life Sciences Industry – Collaboration on forensics – New center for Systems Biology

Tips and tricks: Melting your DNA

Special Broadcast: Watch 50 years of B&B on YouTube

Writing Tips: Get the figures right – Figure or Table? – Figure legend

Algae and plants in brief: Plasmid-based methods in mosses – Antibody production in algal chloroplasts – Polysaccharides from foam cultures

Test your knowledge: Do you recognize this?

WIREs Author Spotlight: Toxicity of Nanomaterials