• Multi bioreactor system;
  • Process optimization;
  • Sequential/parallel DoE-method


The successful development of optimal multistage production processes for recombinant products with Pichia pastoris needs to meet three pre-conditions. These pre-conditions are (i) strategies for performing fully automated and observable processes, (ii) characterization of the host cell-specific reaction parameters in order to make an adapted process layout for feeding and aeration strategies, and (iii) knowledge of optimal operation parameter conditions for maximizing the expression productivity of target protein amount and/or quality. In this report, an approach of a fully automated multi-bioreactor plant is described that meets all these requirements. The expression and secretion of a potential malaria vaccine with Pichia pastoris was chosen as an example to demonstrate the quality of the bioreactor system. Methods for the simultaneous identification of reaction kinetics were developed for strain characterization. Process optimization was carried out by applying a sequential/parallel Design of Experiments. In the view of Process Analytical Technology (PAT)-applications and in order to develop fully automated and globally observable production processes, methods for quasi on-line monitoring of recombinant protein secretion titers and the immunological quality of the products are also discussed in detail.