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Phylogenetic analysis of family 6 glycoside hydrolases



Multiple sequence alignment separates members of glycoside hydrolase Family 6 into eight subfamilies: one of mainly actinobacterial endoglucanases (EGs), one of ascomycotal EGs, one of chytridiomycotal EGs and cellobiohydrolases (CBHs), one of actinobacterial and proteobacterial CBHs, one of chytridiomycotal CBHs, two of ascomycotal CBHs, and one of basidiomycotal CBHs. Each also has some proteins of unknown function. Multiple sequence alignment also extends to all of Family 6 the observation that lengths of loops that form the active-site tunnel in CBHs vary among subfamilies, and along with loop conformations, determine enzyme function. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Biopolymers 79: 197–206, 2005

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