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BIP_22065_sm_SuppFig1.tif1290KSupplemental Figure 1. SSEHunter results at different resolutions. Results from SSEHunter on the ϵ15 gp7 density map are shown at three different resolutions. SSEs are shown in the density map (left column) and overlaid on the known structural model (right column).
BIP_22065_sm_SuppTab1.tif327KSupplemental Table 1. De novo modeling summary. A brief summary of the model building methods is shown for our de novo model building tools. The “de novo” column refers to our original modeling tools developed while building models for the 4Å resolution structure of GroEL and 4.5Å resolution structure of ϵ15 in 2007. The next column describes our current Gorgon modeling toolkit, followed by the Pathwalking tools in the final column.

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