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Figure S1. Concentrationdependence experiments of 33 mer in water, pH 7.0: 46 μM (○), 93μM (□) , 197 μM (•), 317 µM(♦) ,317 µM (▪), 418 (◊), 613µM (♦).

Figure S2. Control Electron micrograph of 1 mM sodium citrate, 1 mM sodium borate, 1 mM sodium phosphate buffer, 15 mM NaCl, pH 7.0 (A) TEM micrographs. (B) SEM micrographs. The brightness observed is characteristics of inorganic salts

Figure S3.(A) SEM micrograph of 33-mer peptide in water, pH 7.0. (B) Fibrils diameter distribution showing the presence of two kind of them, one of 53nm and other of 86 nm .

Figure S4. HPLC report of 33-mer gliadin peptide

Figure S5. ESI-Mass Spectra of 33-mer gliadin peptide

Figure S6. Accurate-Mass-determination

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