• NS0 host cell line;
  • fed-batch culture process platform;
  • humanized antibodies;
  • protein-free;
  • lactate consumption


Presented is a novel antibody production platform based on the fed-batch culture of recombinant, NS0-derived cell lines. A standardized fed-batch cell culture process was developed for five non-GS NS0 cell lines using enriched and optimized protein-free, cholesterol-free, and chemically defined basal and feed media. The process performed reproducibly and scaled faithfully from the 2-L to the 100-L bioreactor scale achieving a volumetric productivity of > 120 mg/L per day. Fed-batch cultures for all five cell lines exhibited significant lactate consumption when the cells entered the stationary or death phase. Peak and final lactate concentrations were low relative to a previously developed fed-batch process (FBP). Such low lactate production and high lactate consumption rates were unanticipated considering the fed-batch culture basal medium has an unconventionally high initial glucose concentration of 15 g/L, and an overall glucose consumption in excess of 17 g/L. The potential of this process platform was further demonstrated through additional media optimization, which has resulted in a final antibody concentration of 2.64 ± 0.19 g/L and volumetric productivity of > 200 mg/L per day in a 13-day FBP for one of the five production cell lines. Use of this standardized protein-free, cholesterol-free NS0 FBP platform enables consistency in development time and cost effectiveness for manufacturing of therapeutic antibodies. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 2007;96: 281–293. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.