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bit_22010_sm_Supplementary_Appendix_1.xls263KSupplementary Appendix 1. Metabolic network reconstruction of C. acetobutylicum
bit_22010_sm_Supplementary_Appendix_1-1.doc486KSupplementary Appendix 1-1. Metabolic network reconstruction of C. acetobutylicum
bit_22010_sm_Supplementary_Appendix_1-2_.doc1368KSupplementary Appendix 1-2. Genome-Scale Metabolic Network. (Excel Spreadsheet also attached to Manuscript).
bit_22010_sm_Supplementary_Appendix_2.doc58KSupplementary Appendix 2. List of Biomass building-block transfer equations and Component building-block transfer equations.
bit_22010_sm_Supplementary_Appendix_3.doc76KSupplementary Appendix 3. Aerobic reactions assigned to C. acetobutylicum, a strict anaerobe, in the KEGG database and the list of discrepancies (both generalized and specific for C. acetobutylicum) of the KEGG database that inhibit fully-automated metabolic network-building.

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