Real time monitoring of multiple parameters in mammalian cell culture bioreactors using an in-line Raman spectroscopy probe



The FDA's process analytical technology initiative encourages drug manufacturers to apply innovative ideas to better understand their processes. There are many challenges to applying these techniques to monitor mammalian cell culture bioreactors for biologics manufacturing. These include the ability to monitor multiple components in complex medium formulations non-invasively and in-line. We report results that demonstrate, for the first time, the technical feasibility of the in-line application of Raman spectroscopy for monitoring a mammalian cell culture bioreactor. A Raman probe was used for the simultaneous prediction of culture parameters including glutamine, glutamate, glucose, lactate, ammonium, viable cell density, and total cell density. Bioeng. 2011; 108:1215–1221. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.