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BIT_23245_sm_Suppl-Material-Brindle.doc20KSupplementary Material for Brindle et al. “Hydrodynamic Deformation and Removal of Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilms Treated with Urea, Chlorhexidine, Iron Chloride or DispersinB”
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-control-pre.avi6483KSupplementary: Before untreated control
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-control-post.avi6525KSupplementary: After 15 min static soak with no treatment agent
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-CHX-pre.avi5397KSupplementary: Before chlorhexidine treatment
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-CHX-post.avi7204KSupplementary: After 15 min static soak in 1 g l-1 chlorhexidine
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-dispersinB-pre.avi1346KSupplementary: Before DispersinB treatment
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-dispersinB-post.avi1564KSupplementary: After 15 min static soak in 40 mg l-1 DispersinB
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-FeCl2-pre.avi942KSupplementary: Before iron chloride treatment
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-FeCl2-post.avi855KSupplementary: After 15 min static soak in 12.7 g l-1 FeCl2
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-urea-pre.avi8145KSupplementary: Before urea treatment
BIT_23245_sm_Brindle-urea-post.avi8185KSupplementary: After 15 min static soak in 30 g l-1 urea

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