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Figure S1. SEM micrographs of HTM cells grown on glass coverslips (A) and on SU-8 scaffolds coated with poly-L-lysine (B) and gelatin (C) for 10 days. Coverslip (D), SU-8 scaffold coated with poly-L-lysine (E) and gelatin (F) with no cells.

Figure S2. (A) SEM micrograph of bioengineered HTM complex after Lat-B perfusion. (B) Three dimensional confocal reconstruction of HTM cells grown on SU-8 scaffold after Lat-B perfusion. DAPI stained nuclei in blue (top), F-actin expression in green (middle), and merged images (bottom). The SU-8 scaffold exhibits autofluorescence and is indicated by the dashed-line rectangles.

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