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bit25112-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.docx439KFigure S1. Isoelectric focusing (IEF) gel for 10 µL protein (10 mg mL−1) samples of myoglobin, carbonic anhydrase, conalbumin, bovine serum albumin, ovalbumin, β-amylase, trypsin inhibitor, β-lactoglobulin A, β-lactoglobulin B and α-lactalbumin (lanes 2–11). Samples were loaded onto a ReadyGel IEF gel pH 5–8 and electrophoresed in a Mini-Protean III unit. IEF protein standards (3 µL) containing cytochrome C (pI = 9.6), lentil lectin (pI's = 7.80, 8.00, and 8.20), human hemoglobulin C (pI = 7.5), human hemoglobulin A (pI = 7.1), equine myoglobin (pI's = 6.8 and 7.0), human carbonic anhydrase (pI = 6.5), bovine carbonic anhydrase (pI = 6.0), β-lactoglobulin B (pI = 5.1) and phycocyanin (pI's = 4.45, 4.65, and 4.75) were loaded to lanes 1 and 12 for reference.

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