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Figure S1. A representative abiotic cyclic voltammogram. The y-axis is shown at the same scale as cyclic voltammograms presented in the main text for comparison.

Figure S2. Current production, OD600, lactate concentration, and acetate concentration for one experiment with WT S. oneidensis grown in a micro-aerobic, continuously fed BES, for the first 60 h of operation.

Figure S3. Bar chart of average biofilm biomass for each experimental condition (in mg of protein extracted from each electrode at the end of the experiment). Error bars represent SD. The SD was high for the mutant, micro-aerobic, continuous condition because one sample had a very high measurement for unknown reasons.

Figure S4. Bar chart of OD600 for each experimental condition (reported for day 1 for batch experiments and day 7 for continuous experiments). Error bars represent SD.

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