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bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S1.xlsm256KSupplementary file 1. iRL766 model in excel format including well-annotated spreadsheets for reactions, metabolites and genes.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S2.xlsm2479KSupplementary file 2. iRL766 model in SBML format.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S3.xlsm22KSupplementary file 3. Differential reactions and genes between iRL766 and iTO977.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S4.xlsm20KSupplementary file 4. Riboflavin synthetic pathway from glucose and oil in iRL766.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S5.xlsm11KSupplementary file 5. Growth rate and riboflavin production constraints and simulation results.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S6.xlsx12KSupplementary file 6. Carbon and nitrogen utilization simulated by iRL766.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S7.xlsx37KSupplementary file 7. Single knockout simulation results.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S8.xlsm64KSupplementary file 8. Reporter Metabolites results.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S9.xlsm10KSupplementary file 9. Random Sampling results.
bit25167-sm-0001-SuppFile-S10.xlsx244KSupplementary file 10. Results from flux variability analysis of optimal riboflavin production, during growth on glucose or triolein.

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