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bit25170-sm-0001-SuppFig-S1.tif88KFigure S1. Kinetics of mRNA expression are similar for IFIT2 and ZsGreen reporter. PC-3 IFIT2-ZsGreen1 reporter cells were infected by M51R-DsRed-Ex at MOI 50. Total cellular RNA was harvested at regular intervals, reverse transcribed to cDNA and equivalent amounts of either IFIT2 (black circles) or ZsGreen (open circles) mRNA were determined by qPCR and are presented as fold over mock infection. We found that in response to M51R infection both IFIT2 and its ZsGreen1 reporter were expressed with similar kinetics and to similar levels.
bit25170-sm-0002-SuppTab-S1.docx16KTable SI. Primers used recombinant virus cloning.

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