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bit25262-sm-0001-SuppFig-S1.tif63KFigure S1. Linear regression comparison of TF arrays within and between experiments.
bit25262-sm-0001-SuppFig-S2.tif317KFigure S2. Dynamic TF regulatory network of GATA-1-downregulated K562 cells during E and MK differentiation.

Table I. P-values of inferred edges of K562 cells during MK or E differentiation (Fig. 2B) found using the permutation test.

Table II. P-values of inferred edges of CHRF cells during MK maturation with PMA and PMA plus NIC (Fig. 7C) found using the permutation test.

bit25262-sm-0001-SuppMeth-S1.doc37KSupplementary Methods

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