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A new process combining adsorption and enzyme reaction for producing higher-fructose syrup



A process for producing a higher-fructose syrup containing more than 50% fructose was developed that involves a new system combining selective adsorption of fructose and an immobilized glucose isomerase reaction. Continuous countercurrent contact of the liquid stream with the solid adsorbent is simulated by advancing adsorption columns against the fixed inlets and outlet of liquid streams without actual movement of the solid adsorbent, while the immobilized enzyme reactors are stationary. Two mathematical models, an intermittent moving-bed and a continuous moving-bed model, are presented for calculation the concentration profiles of glucose and fructose in the system. The validity of the models is experimentally confirmed, and a criterion for good production in the system is presented. This system requires less desorbent than a process using a fixed-bed adsorber and a simulated moving-bed process to produce the syrup with 45−65% fructose content, the level desired in food manufacture.

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