Invertase immobilized onto corn grits was utilized in the hydrolysis of highly concentrated sucrose solutions producting liquid sugar solutions containing glucose and fructose. Comparisons of conversion efficiencies of this immobilized invertase in a continuous stirredtank reactor and a plug-flow reactor indicated that the plug-flow reactor has an higher efficiency. Continuous sucrose hydrolysis was then performed in 0.1- and 1-L tubular reactors. This tenforld scaling-up was achieved without any noticeable loss in efficiency. This process thus was scaled-up to a 17.6-L pilot reactor set in a cane sugar refinery. This reactor was fed with highly concentrated sucrose solutions [71% (w/w)] to produce invert sugar syrup with the desired inversion degree. It allows a productivity equal to 9.1 kg sucrose hydrolyzed/h in the case of a 69% (w/w) sucrose initial concentration with a 72% conversion rate.