Collagen strip with immobilized luciferase for ATP bioluminescent determination



Firefly luciferase from Photinus pyralis has been covalently bound to a collagen strip via an acylazide activation process. Immobilization performed in the presence of both substrates ATP and luciferin allows to increase the activity retained on the strip. The best activity exhibited by immobilized luciferase was obtained in a 0.05M Tris-acetate buffer, pH 7.75. The pH optimum and the activation energy of luciferase have been found unchanged after immobilization. In the chosen stirring conditions, no diffusional limitations of substrates appear. ATP measurements can be performed with collagen-bound luciferase in the range 1.10−11M−3.10−6M. It was possible to store the strips at 4°C in a dehydrated form; then, the bound enzyme retains 20% of its initial activity after eight months. Human blood ATP was measured with this collagen-bound luciferase and the results were found in good agreement with those obtained by soluble luciferase.