A structured kinetic modeling framework for the dynamics of hybridoma growth and monoclonal antibody production in continuous suspension cultures



A structured kinetic model is developed to describe the dynamics of hybridoma growth and the production of monoclonal antibodies and metabolic waste products in suspension culture. The crucial details of known metabolic processes in hybridoma cells are incorporated by dividing the cell mass into four intracellular metabolic pools. The model framework and structure allow the dynamic calculation of the instantaneous specific growth rate of a hybridoma culture. The steady state and dynamic simulations of the model equations exhibit excellent agreement with experimentally observed trends in substrate utilization and product formation. The model represents the first to include any degree of metabolic detail and structure in describing a hybridoma culture. In so doing, it provides the basic modeling framework for incorporating further details of metabolism and can be a useful tool to study various strategies for enhancing hybridoma growth as well as viability and the production of monoclonal antibodies in suspension cultures.