• enzymic hydrolysis models;
  • pretreated lignocellulosics hydrolysis;
  • Fusarium oxysporum cellulases


Avicell, Alkali-treated straw cellulose (ATSC), and wheat straw were ball-milled to reduce crystallinity; wheat straw was delignified by hot (120°C) sodium hydroxide solutions of various concentrations. The physically and chemically pretreated cellulosic materials were hydrolyzed by the cellulases of Fusarium oxysporum strain F3. Enzymic hydrolysis data were fitted by the hyperbolic correlation of Holtzapple, which involves two kinetic parameters, the maximum conversion (Xmax), and the enzymic hydrolysis time corresponding to 50% of Xmax (t1/2). An empirical correlation between Xmax and cellulose crystallinity, lignin content, and degree of delignification has been found under our experimental conditions. Complete cellulose hydrolysis is shown to be possible at less than 60% crystallinity indices or less than 10% lignin content.