Biotechnology and Bioengineering

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September 2001

Volume 76, Issue 2

Pages 91–185

    1. Utilizing genetically engineered bacteria to produce plant-specific glucosides (pages 126–131)

      Joachim Arend, Heribert Warzecha, Tobias Hefner and Joachim Stöckigt

      Version of Record online: 8 AUG 2001 | DOI: 10.1002/bit.1152

    2. A lipid-coated lipase as an efficient hydrolytic catalyst in the two-phase aqueous-organic system (pages 157–163)

      Toshiaki Mori, Shintaro Kishimoto, Kuniharu Ijiro, Atsushi Kobayashi and Yoshio Okahata

      Version of Record online: 8 AUG 2001 | DOI: 10.1002/bit.1155

    3. Production of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) in Aspergillus niger (pages 164–174)

      Marilyn G. Wiebe, Atul Karandikar, Geoff D. Robson, Anthony P. J. Trinci, Juana-L Flores Candia, Susanne Trappe, Gregg Wallis, Ursula Rinas, Patrick M. F. Derkx, Susan M. Madrid, Heidi Sisniega, Ignacio Faus, Roy Montijn, Cees A. M. J. J. van den Hondel and Peter J. Punt

      Version of Record online: 8 AUG 2001 | DOI: 10.1002/bit.1156

    4. Development of expression systems for the production of recombinant human serum albumin using the MOX promoter in Hansenula polymorpha DL-1 (pages 175–185)

      Hyun Ah Kang, Whankoo Kang, Won-Kyuong Hong, Moo Woong Kim, Jeong-Yoon Kim, Jung-Hoon Sohn, Eui-Sung Choi, Keun-Bum Choe and Sang Ki Rhee

      Version of Record online: 8 AUG 2001 | DOI: 10.1002/bit.1157