Multifactorial study of prognostic factors in differentiated thyroid carcinoma and a re-evaluation of the importance of age



A multivariate analysis of prognostic factors has been carried out with 375 cases of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) treated in the same centre by total thyroidectomy and 131I therapy. The patients have been followed for 5 to 23 years. The isolated prognostic roles of age, sex, clinical stage and histology were confirmed, but these factors were found to be strongly interrelated. Multifactorial analysis was conducted following Cox's model. It demonstrated that the prevalent role of clinical staging (nodular versus labar or massive form) is as important as the initial presence of metastases (P = 0·0001). Histological assessment of differentiation, age and sex were of lesser importance. Thus, the most significant prognostic variable is clinical stage. These data must be taken into account when formulating management protocols for DTC.