Prophylactic antibiotics in elective colorectal surgery



A randomized prospective study was conducted on 194 patients who underwent elective colorectal surgery for carcinoma. All patients received the same mechanical bowel preparation. In addition, patients in group A received oral neomycin and erythromycin base; patients in group B received systemic metronidazole and gentamicin, while patients in group C received both oral and systemic antibiotics. Postoperative septic complications related to colorectal surgery occurred in 27.4 per cent, 11.9 per cent and 12.3 per cent respectively in groups A, B and C (X2 = 7; P < 0.05). The incidence of sepsis in groups B and C was almost identical. Patients who received oral antibiotics alone (group A) had significantly higher risks of postoperative sepsis when compared with patients in either group B or group C (P < 0.05). As there is no additional advantage of combining oral and systemic antibiotics, we recommend systemic metronidazole and gentamicin to be used with mechanical bowel preparation in elective colorectal surgery.