Changing patterns in aortoiliac reconstruction: A 7-year audit



A prospective vascular audit was performed in this hospital between 1988 and 1994. There was a substantial increase in the number of vascular reconstructions (78 in 1988; 141 in 1994). Aortobifemoral grafts for occlusive disease comprised 18 per cent of the operations in 1988 and 0·7 per cent in 1994 (95 per cent confidence interval 0·086–0·259). There was a corresponding increase in the number of extra-anatomic grafts (from 3 to 20·6 per cent). There was a threefold increase in the number of percutaneous angioplasties performed for iliac occlusive lesions (14 in 1988; 41 plus 13 iliac stent procedures in 1994). This had no impact on the total rate of surgical intervention for aortoiliac disease, although it probably aided the shift to extra-anatomic reconstruction by dilatation of the donor side. To investigate whether this change is national, rather than local, graft sales figures were obtained from two vascular graft companies; these confirmed a national trend away from aortobifemoral grafting and provide some evidence to support an increase in extra-anatomic bypass grafting.