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ROCS: A Tool for Rapid Overload Control Simulation



With an increasing number of wireless users and applications, overload control mechanisms are becoming ever more crucial in control elements where heavy congestion can prevent transmission of services on the network. During mass communication events and flash crowds resulting not only from disasters and media events, but also from social networking activities, the lack of proper overload control can result in a flood of control messages, and thus deadlock. There is an important need for tools to rapidly tune control solutions. In this paper, we present Rapid Overload Control Simulation (ROCS), a tool to analyze the efficiency and operation of different overload control mechanisms under a variety of network and traffic scenarios. The tool is built as a modular, expandable platform that models control elements, messaging sequences, and processing delays. As a case study, we use the ROCS tool to analyze radio network controller (RNC) overload control using a combination of overload control methods. © 2012 Alcatel-Lucent.