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Intrinsically Secure Next-Generation Networks



The proliferation of mobile devices, the shift towards cloud computing, and the increased use of information technology in critical infrastructures have opened new attack vectors and risks. Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and persistent, challenging traditional security practices. The impacts of these attacks include expensive data breaches, compromised or stolen records, and loss of intellectual property, and thus it is no longer effective to address security reactively, retrospectively, or in piecemeal. The new attack vectors and risks require a more dynamic and holistic approach that integrates technology, process, and human domains while also applying emerging analytical and predictive techniques across the full lifecycle of products, solutions, and services. In the context of the evolving threat landscape, this paper introduces iSTEPS, a Bell Labs developed ecosystem for achieving intrinsic security in the design and operations of next-generation networks. © 2012 Alcatel-Lucent.