Interaction That Values Co-Creation in the Design of Services


  • Natalie Lehoux

    1. Fulbright Scholar; formerly the strategic foresight researcher, Multimedia Technology Research Domain's Future and Vision Team, Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs, Nozay, France
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One of the challenges of designing technology-based services is devising an appropriate system of communication, capable of supporting end user goals in an engaging and sustainable way. An increase in the complexity of technology-based services and customer interaction has fueled the development of innovative services that improve the quality of service offerings. This research looks at the design of a technology-based service that may provide users of enterprise communication tools with a satisfying customer experience. A new conceptual model for the design of co-creative services that combines cybernetic concepts with interaction design methods is illustrated by way of example through the design of an email service called Scribee. In doing so, the proposed model presents a way of conceiving service systems that have the potential to move beyond the simple creation and sharing of knowledge to assist end user involvement and collaborative interaction. © 2013 Alcatel-Lucent.