Meetings calendar

1. The 2003 Miami Nature Biotechnology Winter Symposium

“50 Years On: From the Double Helix to Molecular Medicine”

February 1–5, 2003, Miami Beach, FL

Radisson Deauville Resort

2. Translating Biology using Proteomics and Functional Genomics: An International Symposium Sponsored by the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities

February 10–14, 2003, Denver, CO

3. Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

March 1–5, 2003, San Antonio, TX

Student Poster Competition

Student Travel Grants

4. American Chemical Society, 225th National Meeting

March 23–27, 2003, New Orleans, LA

5. Fifth European Symposium of the Protein Society

March 29–April 2, 2003, Florence, Italy

Symposium Organizer: Giampietro Ramponi

Education Workshop: Bioinformatic

6. CAL '03 “21st Century Learning”

April 8–10 2003, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

The conference will provide a forum for the sharing of experience, knowledge and research for those working at the forefront of learning and teaching with technology. Conference themes include: Emerging Contexts for Learning (e.g. non-institutional, informal, work-based, community-based, VLE-based); Emerging Pedagogies (e.g. visions, designs and examples); Assessment and Technology (e.g. innovations in assessment of, with and for learning); Addressing the Digital Divide (e.g. national and international differences, globalisation, culture change); Emerging Technologies for Educational Contexts (e.g. educational uses and implications of emerging technologies).

For information contact April Williams

CAL 2003 Conference Secretariat

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 843089; Fax: +44 (0) 1865 843958

7. Experimental Biology 2003 Annual Meeting

April 11–15, San Diego, CA

Student Poster Competition

Student Travel Grants

For more information about ASBMB Meetings contact Kelly Gull

Manager, Meetings and Educational Programs

Tel.: 301–530-7145

8. 10th Undergraduate Microbiology Education Conference

May 16–18, University of Maryland, College Park, MD For information contact Carlos Pelham

Tel.: 202–942-9317


9. American Society for Microbiology, 103rd General Meeting

May 18–22, 2003, Washington, DC

10. Symposium on Biochemical Education

May 17–20, 2003, Caxambu, Brazil

For information contact Paulo A. S. Mourao

11. Latin-American Course on Genomics and Bioinformatics

June 9–13, 2003, Santiago, Chile

For information contact Omar Orellana

12. Gordon Science Education and Policy Conferences

A. Undergraduate Biology Education

June 22–27, 2003, Connecticut College

B. Visualization in Science and Education

June 20–25, 2003, Queen's College

13. Education Workshop: Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species: Basic Concepts, Quantification and Molecular Mechanisms of Action

June 26–29, 2003, Ioannina, Greece

For information contact Dimitrios Galaris

14. Special FEBS Meeting on Signal Transduction

July 4–8, 2003, Brussels, Belgium

15. 5th MCBN-UNESCO/COSTAM/SFRR (Malaysia/Asian) Workshop on Micronutrients: Molecular Basis of Health and Disease

July 17–20, 2003, Malaysian Borneo

For information contact Kalanithi Nesaretnam

16. Education in the Molecular Life Sciences: The Central Role of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (sponsored by IUBMB, ASBMB, and Project Kaleidoscope)

July 18–20, 2003, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A satellite meeting to the International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

For information contact

Ellis Bell

Kelly Gull

17. International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

July 20–24, 2003, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

See satellite meeting above

18. International Association of Medical Science Educators, 7th Annual Meeting

July 19–22, 2002, Washington, DC

19. 17th Annual Protein Society Symposium

July 26–30, 2003, Boston, MA

20. American Chemical Society, 226th National Meeting

September 7–11, 2003, New York, NY acsdisplay.html&DOC=meetings/future.html

21. Workshop and Course “Calcium Signaling Domains”

September 29–October 2, 2003, Portillo, Chile

For information contact Cecilia Hidalgo

22. Workshop “Biochemical Education in Africa”

November 25–28, 2003, Yaounde, Cameroon

For information contact Vincent P.K. Titanji

23. Biochemical Symposium and Panel Discussions

December 7–11, 2003, Bangalore, India

For information contact V. Nagaraja

24. American Society for Cell Biology, 43rd Annual Meeting

December 13–17, 2003, San Francisco, CA

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International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

American society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The American Chemical Society acsdisplay.html&DOC=meetings/index.html

Gordon Research Conferences:

The Gordon Research Conferences provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of frontier research in the biological, chemical and physical sciences, and their related technologies.