Screen capture on the fly: Combining molecular visualization and a tablet PC in the biochemistry lecture*


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    This work was supported by a Hewlett-Packard Technology for Teaching Grant to Murray State University.


The biochemistry lecture is often the place where students receive the greatest exposure to the structural nature of biomolecules. The use of molecular visualization software and web-based animated tutorials has enhanced the way instructors teach this important area of structural biology. Using the software and tutorials in class is an excellent way to teach the diverse structural motifs found in biomolecules; however, integrating the computer-based molecular renderings shown in class into lecture notes is challenging. This report describes how incorporating a tablet PC into the biochemistry lecture can be used in conjunction with molecular visualization software to create a rich set of lecture notes. The pedagogical tools associated with a tablet PC make it an attractive addition to the biochemistry lecture, which usually has significant audio and visual learning components.