Eukaryotic cell panorama


  • This work was supported by the RCSB Protein Data Bank (NSF DBI 03-12718), grant DUE 106-18688 from the National Science Foundation, and the Fondation Scientifique Fourmentin-Guilbert


Diverse biological data may be used to create illustrations of molecules in their cellular context. This report describes the scientific results that support an illustration of a eukaryotic cell, enlarged by one million times to show the distribution and arrangement of macromolecules. The panoramic cross section includes eight panels that extend from the nucleus to the cell surface, showing the process of protein synthesis and export. Results from biochemistry, electron microscopy, NMR spectroscopy and x-ray crystallography were used to create the image. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education Vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 91–101, 2011