Henderson Hasselbalch

You put my brain in shock

Oh woe is me

The pKa's can make

Me lie in bed awake

They give me really bad headaches

Oh hear my plea

Salt - acid RA-ti-os

Help keep the pH froze

By buf-fer-ING

They show tenacity

Complete audacity

If used within capacity

To maintain things

I know when H's fly

A buffer will defy

Them actively

Those protons cannot waltz

When they get bound to salts

With this the change in pH halts

All praise to thee

Thus now that I've addressed

This topic for the test

I've got know-how

The pH I can say

Equals the pKA

In sum with log of S o'er A*

I know it now

* S o'er A refers to [Salt]/[Acid]

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