Poem: The Student's Guide to a Perfect Transcript


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  • Pol II's so smart, now let me see

  • It make a transcript, one, two, three,

  • From a billion base pairs can it find

  • The one promoter it must bind?

  • I need some help, I hear it plead,

  • This DNA I cannot read

  • I cannot see where I must start

  • 'Til TFIIs have done their part.

  • When TATA's bound by TBP

  • That sends a signal out, you see

  • Once DNA has made a bend

  • More TFIIs will soon attend.

  • When B arrives, it clears a place

  • For RNA polymerase

  • And F and E soon join the fun

  • TFIIH's the final one.

  • The last one is a special case

  • It moonlights as a helicase

  • And sends Pol II upon its way

  • To make a brand new RNA.

  • How does it do that, you may ask

  • A phosphate does the crucial task

  • Added on to CTD,

  • That's how the H sets Pol II free.

  • And Pol II goes its merry way

  • There soon will be some RNA

  • Then introns must be all excised

  • As RNA is capped and spliced.

  • Then PolyA polymerase

  • Will add a couple hundred As

  • For my own transcript, I can say

  • That all I want is one more A.