Two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance structure determination module for introductory biochemistry: synthesis and structural characterization of lyso-glycerophospholipids


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In this laboratory module, introductory biochemistry students are exposed to two-dimensional 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance of glycerophospholipids (GPLs). Working in groups of three, students enzymatically synthesized and purified a variety of 2-acyl lyso GPLs. The structure of the 2-acyl lyso GPL was verified using 1H-correlation spectroscopy. Students scored significantly higher on an assessment of NMR knowledge after having participated in this lab module and in comparison to a similar cohort who did not participate. Inaddition, student confidence in their NMR knowledge and abilities increased 62% following the module and correlated with their ability to apply their NMR knowledge. Based on these results, the laboratory module was very effective at providing students with a more extensive understanding of the underlying concepts of NMR as a tool for structural determination. © 2013 by The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 41(2):87-94, 2013