Brain and Behavior 2013; 3(2): 145–158

On page 149, the sentence “In these cisterns the sigma-1 receptor is present to buffer calcium entry overload (Mavlyutov et al. 2010)” should be changed to the following: “At these cisterns, the sigma-1 receptor may play an indirect action modulating intracellular calcium release (Mavlyutov et al. 2010).”

We regret this misinterpretation. It has no consequences for the reported analyses and conclusions.


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  • Casas, C., M. Herrando-Grabulosa, R. Manzano, R. Mancuso, R. Osta, and X. Navarro. 2013. Early presymptomatic cholinergic dysfunction in a murine model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Brain Behav. 3(2):145158.