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Data S1. Candidate Gene Polygenic Scoring in NHS (NHS-Candidate-PS)

Figure S1. Quantile plot of polygenic scores (PS) on 14-year long-term average composite depression phenotype.

Table S1. Depression-related measures collected in the Nurses' Health Study.

Table S2. Study-specific genotyping, imputation, and statistical analysis.

Table S3. Sample quality control.

Table S4. Percentage of variance* in depression phenotypes explained by variables associated with depression in the NHS full cohort, restricting to women with nonmissing 2004 CESD-10 and 14-year long-term average depression scores (N = 73,897).

Table S5. Meta-analysis of percentage of variance explained in depression phenotype in NHS by the candidate gene polygenic scores in the leave-one-substudy-out analysis (N = 6989).

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