brb391-sup-0001-FigureS1.epsimage/eps896KFigure S1. Behavioral results of the pilot experiment. The TMS time windows we used in our main experiment were based on data obtained from a TMS pilot experiment. We tested four participants using 14 different time windows after stimulus presentation (56–339 msec with a 20-msec step) in which we applied a double TMS pulse over V1/V2. We used the same stimuli, coil position, and stimulator settings during the pilot experiment as in the main TMS–EEG experiment. We chose an “early” time window (96–119 msec) and a “late” time window (236–259 msec) with behavioral effect and one “intermediate” time interval (156–179 msec) without a behavioral effect for our main TMS–EEG experiment. Data are means ± SEM.

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