• environmental sustainability;
  • transdisciplinary exploratory model;
  • corporate responses;
  • innovative research approach


Global surveys of business leaders identify the environment as a major issue of concern, but uncertainties about how to address the challenges of environmental sustainability are cited as a significant inhibitor to business responses. Persistent levels of corporate uncertainty in this domain may be due to the complexity of issues and difficulties in meaningfully capturing this complexity. Calls have been made for new ways to produce knowledge about complex societal challenges, including environmental sustainability.

This paper aims to reduce business uncertainties and to stimulate business and research initiatives. The paper describes a field study of a global corporation's pioneering responses to environmental sustainability. The study highlights academic and practitioner collaboration to generate, transfer and implement new knowledge through an innovative research approach. The outcome is a transdisciplinary, exploratory model, presenting a progression of integrated activities and processes within eight categories of corporate responses. Implications for research and practice are considered. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and ERP Environment.