Support groups for persons experiencing divorce in later life


  • Judith Rae M.S., M.A.,

    Psychotherapist in Private Practice, Corresponding author
    • 819 East 64th Street, Suite D-4, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220, USA
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  • Jamia Jasper–Jacobsen Ph.D.,

  • Carol J. Blatter A.C.S.W.


Middle-aged and older couples are divorcing at increasing rates, and statistics indicate this trend will continue. Separating or divorcing people over 50 are similar to but different from younger separating or divorcing people. This article describes one model for addressing the mental health needs of this older population. A group format was used with 66 people who were divorced after 19 or more years of marriage. Recruitment of participants, organization, group process, outcome, problems, and successes of this model are offered as a method for mental health professionals to consider.