For the article titled “Residue-Specific Contact Order and Contact Breadth in Single-Domain Proteins: Implications for Folding as a Function of Chain Elongation” by Nese Kurt, Bryan C. Mounce, Paul A. Ellison, and Silvia Cavagnero (Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 570–575, 2011, DOI: 07475v), the authors request the following errata:

In the RCO calculations, the contacts with immediate-neighboring residues were eliminated. On the other hand, in the RCB calculations, contacts with near neighbors with less than 4-residue separation along the sequence were eliminated. To make the above clear, the following two sentences on page 571 of the Methods section of the article need to be modified as follows.

Left column, last four lines of Section 2.1: “Neighboring contacts between amino acids closer than 4 residues along the sequence were not included in the RCB calculations to eliminate local contacts due to helical secondary structure formation.”

Right column, lines 14–17 of Section 2.3: “Contacts between immediate (i.e., amino acids with 1-residue separation along the sequence) and near (i.e., amino acids with less than 4-residue separation along the sequence) neighbors were not included in the RCO and RCB calculations, respectively.”