The use of electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic field for directed cell migration and adhesion in regenerative medicine



Directed cell migration and adhesion is essential to embryonic development, tissue formation and wound healing. For decades it has been reported that electric field (EF), magnetic field (MF) and electromagnetic field (EMF) can play important roles in determining cell differentiation, migration, adhesion, and evenwound healing. Combinations of these techniques have revealed new and exciting explanations for how cells move and adhere to surfaces; how the migration of multiple cells are coordinated and regulated; how cellsinteract with neighboring cells, and also to changes in their microenvironment. In some cells, speed and direction are voltage dependent. Data suggests that the use of EF, MF and EMF could advance techniques in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and wound healing. © 2016 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Biotechnol. Prog., 33:5–16, 2017