Expression and purification of cGMP grade NY-ESO-1 for clinical trials



NY-ESO-1 is a cancer testis antigen expressed in numerous cancers. Initial tests have shown its efficacy as a cancer vaccine, stimulating the body's own immune response against the invading tumor. To produce enough material for phase I clinical trials, a process using current good manufacturing practices to produce clinical grade material was developed and executed. His-tagged NY-ESO-1 was expressed in C41DE3 Escherichia coli under control of the T-7 promoter. NY-ESO-1 was produced in a 20 L fed-batch fermentation utilizing a pH-stat control scheme. The protein was then purified from inclusion bodies using a three-column process that achieved a yield of over 3.4 g and endotoxin below the detection limit of 0.005 EU/μg protein. © 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Biotechnol. Prog., 2011